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Feasibility Study

AMR conducts feasibility study for our clients to reassure their business ideas are worth pursuing and in the best option possible. Often, the feasibility study covers the market, technical and financial analysis to ensure the best decisions are made to meet with the business plan. AMR has the experience in conducting such studies for incineration and wastewater treatment plants. It is in our best interest that our clients are given the best options and to affirm that the project is successfully implemented.


Supply of Incinerator and Air Pollution Control Equipment

Partnering with a renowned technology provider from Australia (Advanced Combustion Engineering Pty. Ltd.) that has more than 30 years in the build-up of incinerator plants both local and overseas, AMR has the capability to design, supply, install, test and commission incinerator plants for hazardous waste and specifically for clinical waste treatment. This package comes with the air pollution control system that is designed to meet regulatory compliance limits. Through the track record of stepped hearth type clinical waste incineration plant in Melaka that has been 20 years in operation, it is proven that our incinerators are durable, have low operating cost, energy efficient, easy to operate and maintain. We also conduct approval submission for the purpose of plant installation to the state Department of Environment that is required under the regulation. Our commitment is to build a plant that can give a peace of mind to our clients.


Industrial Water Treatment

AMR offers the service of design and built of wastewater treatment plants to meet regulatory effluent requirements. We provide the best available treatment option to meet our clients’ objectives that is both practical and cost-effective. With experienced design engineers and builder in our team, we deliver workable treatment solution. Authority approval submission with the state Department of Environment can also be provided by AMR when requested.

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