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Chemical Laboratory Analysis.

AMR has been accredited with MS ISO/IEC 17025 for chemical testing by Standards Malaysia under the Laboratory Accreditation Scheme program. Our analysis services mainly caters for environmental samples that ranges from stack emission, noise and water sample analysis.


Dioxin-Furan Analysis.

AMR offers a comprehensive dioxin and furan analysis service through the partnering with Marchwood Scientific Services (MSS) Ltd located in the United Kingdom. MSS is accredited by UKAS. The analysis of Dioxin-Furan can be performed on a wide variety of matricies such as water, soil, air and food. With more than 30 years of experienced for Dioxin and Furan analysis, we deliver reliable results for level compliances. AMR is currently MSS sole partner in Malaysia for their laboratory analysis service.


Research and Special Studies.

AMR technical team works closely with our clients from private companies and government agencies to identify the most efficient way to solve a particular problem or challenge through research and special studies. We practice an open business culture where we pool experts from various fields (when necessary) to help solve complex issues and problems. This helps our clients to get better outcome results and meeting their study objectives. Research often covers site data collection and result interpretation.

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