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Our Products

Our products are developed to minimize pollutants and to safeguard the environment. Below are our trademark products registered under the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia:
  • De-dio ®
  • PreKot ®
  • PreKotAC ™
  • AMR BioTreat ™

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon is used to purify liquids and gases in a variety of applications, including municipal drinking water, food and beverage processing, odour removal and industrial pollution control. Physical adsorption is the primary means by which activated carbon works to remove contaminants from liquid or vapour streams. Carbon's large surface area per unit weight allows for contaminants to adhere to the activated carbon media. AMR supplies superior quality activated carbons in packaging of 25kg in Polypropylene bags with inner plastic liner. Other packaging of 1 tonne can also be supplied upon request. We provide door-to-door delivery for the convenience of our clients.
AMR BioTreat™  

AMR BioTreat™

AMR BioTreat™ is a special cultured effective microbes known to help in the biodegradation process of wastewater pollutants. The newly introduced miro-organisms works by effectively breaking down the pollutant into harmless substance and in the process reduces odour. It is effective for reducing COD, BOD, Ammonia and other common water pollutants to meet with the regulatory limits. The packaging are in 5 or 20L bottle.


PreKot™ is a safe and inert coating powdered material used as a filtering aide to increase filtering efficiency of fabric filters by forming a permeable dust cake layer for efficient operation against blinding and plugging of fabric filters. PreKot™ is injected directly into the bag house to bond with process dust forming a well uniform and distributed particle that maximizes airflow. PreKot™ can be applied in a dust collection system intermittently or continuously. It is best applied during start-up to pre-condition the fabric filters.


AMR EZ-ENZYME™ eliminates obnoxious odours associated with crude oil, petroleum derivatives and other organic molecules that are proceeding through the natural decomposing process. Fully compatible with most type of application equipment now in use. Easily applied by hand or power sprayers, and dozing pumps. Effective in water and soil. Effectively removes oils, grease, waxes and other organic contaminants without the use of environmentally dangerous chemicals. The product comes in 5 or 20L bottle packaging.


De-dio® is an organic safe solution that is manufactured through research by AMR to help minimize Dioxin-Furan at its formation stage. The chemical of De-dio® reacts with the flue gas generated from the combustion process to form harmless pollutants. The product is supplied in 5 or 20L bottles. Other quantity may be supplied upon requested.